Our Story

In 2019, First Baptist Church of Waynesburg ("FBC") had the opportunity to purchase a former grocery store adjacent to the church property. The church conceived of a vision to provide the community with a building that could be used for outreach to improve the lives of our people.  It began fundraising for the capital expenses associated with remodeling the building to meet the needs and fulfill the vision in June of 2021. Through the efforts of the community as well as FBC, we are well on the WAY to meeting the Capital Goal.  The Way Community Center of Greene County  is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity with a stated  focus on education combined with a heavy emphasis on intentional intergenerational relationships and fostering a safe and supportive environment for all persons of Greene County.   This nonprofit designed to meet the needs of our community, by filling gaps, forging partnerships, and designing of more effective approaches to impact our community.