“The Way” to Reading

Description of the Program

  • It is our mission to give individualized attention to our children in schools. Currently we are serving 1st and 2nd grade students and teachers at Waynesburg Central Elementary School. Volunteers come into the school twice a week for a maximum of 1 hour each visit to help struggling readers, work on letters and sounds, practice spelling words, and overall, just to encourage and support students and their classroom teachers. We are appreciative for this opportunity and have seen it as a win, win, win for all those involved. 

Cherry Door

We are happy to announce that effective July 15th, the Cherry Door is now managed by The Way Community Center of Greene County in partnership with the Greene County Hospital Foundation.  We are so grateful for the volunteers at The Cherry Door and for the opportunity to serve the community.  We welcome your donations of gently used clothing and your shopping.

Check with us as we will continue to grow!